There is not much written news to the bikers in Cebu. Since the bikers of Cebu is the first one to know the what is new & News to the bikers in Cebu (including Mactan and Lapu Lapu City) Just as obvious as logics into its self. Easy flowing go.

Say a non motorcycle bound relatives come on to visit and want to have an easy ride on an Motorcycle but not the MC styled Motorcycle but more an easy to drive motorcycle, then the biker of Cebu now reccomend Kynecco 150cc wich have an automatic gearbok and rund really smothly


Outsider MC


Outsider MC


Outsider MC Motorcycle club

Same old road & really, the most travel we human do

-is back and forth to the very same spots on the crushed rock - So tarmac in the MacAdam.

So most of what is news is in the tunnelsight. Not really new, but news to the point in the tunnel-sight.

Motorcycle pinoy

This transport MC could be news to many - but not news to the bikers of Cebu.

Motorcycle club pinoy

Rather noramally balancing act of the ordinary day trance port in transport - Yo-yo close your eyes and have a dream.

Bush in the Margareth Ronald or flower power 

MC Donation ride


And the Bikers of Cebu helps with MC charity runs and this is almost as usual, but to the one that lost theur homes, it its for sure news, and really good news to.,

MC Donation ride

Outsider MC in Mactan in the heavy duity supprt 

Motorcycle ride

And then comes the rain, and it's raining & raining more again. The leader of Cebu biker news Dr Michael Effelberger comes here with his Motorcycle MC and just smiling, the truck in front may be news to many citizens of the world but neigthter this is so much news to the bikers of Cebu or Mactan.


Motorcycle riding philippines around as well as mactan cebu

Hotel Bar Menu Mactan Cebu

Hotel Bar Menu Mactan Cebu


New sponsors and old sponsors to the biker of Cebu, Its all news that there is now news, really, only new combinations of the very known things 

Sponsor time

Ups and downs dribbling, and the fundaments of seeing, we reading the wave & Wave in G

THe graviity of it all.



Old Iconism does not thing anymore i thing, thats iconis - I See Juicy the fruit of it

Motorcycle 150cc for rent

New Motorcycles, yes new MC. Thats the news in Cebu and Mactan today

The Super 8 150X is a “naked sport bike” built for the urban inner-city. It is a performance-oriented alternative to the Super 8 150R with power from a 151cc, 10.3 horsepower air-cooled 4-stroke engine. Amenities include a hi-rise mounted dirt bike-style front fender, naked sport bike handlebars and dual purpose knobby tires. It comes with a locking under seat storage bin, helmet hook and 2-up buddy seat that doubles as a rider backrest. Make it yours by choosing yellow with matte black wheels.

Kymco motorcycle
Engine Type SOHC 4-Stroke
Displacement 151cc
Bore x Stroke 57.4x58.2mm
Claimed Horsepower 10.3hp@ 5500rpm
Claimed Torque 7.8ft lbs. @ 7500rpm
Fuel Management System Carburetor 
Cooling Forced Air
Ignition CDI, Electric/Kick
Transmission CVT automatic
Front Suspension Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension Mono Shock
Tires-Front 120/70-12 Dual Purpose Tires
Tires-Rear 130/70-12 Dual Purpose Tires
Front Brakes Disc
Rear Brakes Drum
Length 76.1"
Width 27.17"
Height 44.49"
Wheelbase 52"
Claimed Dry Weight 232.5 lbs.
Seat Height 31"
Underseat Storage Yes
Fuel Capacity 1.3 gal.
Estimated MPG 57 mpg est.  (based on EPA data)
Instrumentation Speedometer, Odometer & Fuel 
Color Yellow 
Warranty 2-Year Factory Warranty
C.A.R.B. Compliant Yes

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Here on a tour on motorcycle in the motorcycle club enviroment of outsider MC. #cebubikernews
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In the Philippines chaos prevails after the typhoon, many people are desperate. #cebubikernews
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